Past Papers


Literacy Crisis in the Information Age? (and where does information literacy fit into it?) -- June 2005

The Obstacle of Ignorance in the Creation of an Information Literate School Community -- May 2004

Information Literacy: an exploration of the issue vis-a-vis the English National Curriculum -- June 2003

Children's Literature

A.L.O.E.: Between Two Worlds -- UK IBBY Talk November 2000 - a short introduction to Charlotte M. Tucker, known as "A Lady of England"

A.L.O.E.: Writing Home -- 1999 MA Thesis

The Seductions of Elsie -- 2000

The White Cat and the Squirrel Wife: The Subject Construction of Two Animal Brides (or "How I left My Semiotic Home for Life as a Human Wife in the Symbolic") -- 1996

Beholding Emotion: Two Picture Book Narratives of Love and Loss -- 1996