Using Maryanne Wolf's new book "Reader, Come Home" to try a Twitter book club

When I found out (via her Guardian article, “Skim Reading is the New Normal”) that Maryanne Wolf had a new book out — “Reader, Come Home: the reading brain in a digital world" — I immediately suggested to my colleague Philip Williams that we read it in tandem, to bounce ideas off each other. I consider her 2007 book — “Proust and the Squid” — a seminal text on the history of reading and such an insight into how we (have to) invest time and effort to learn to read.

Philip proposed we set up a Twitter book club (or “slow chat”) to discuss Wolf’s new book with a broader group (as he enjoyed last year’s Twitter book club on the children’s classic, “The Dark is Rising”).

So this month we have been discussing “Reader, Come Home” on Twitter with other librarians. See our comments by searching the #ReaderComeRead tag.