Sturdy, clean-cut, constructable bookshelves on wheels -- made with German precision

I’m dying to order these bookshelves — or even some furniture — from Werkhaus, a German company who had displays at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in April. Not necessarily for my library, but for classrooms and communal areas around school.


They say they can ship the shelves (flat-packed) anywhere — and the prices are reasonable (180 EUR / US$200 / 6,500 THB / S$280) for the model MB 8005 shown below).

I would strongly encourage you to download their online catalogs and have a look. Or just go to their Instagram feed.

Something is sure to appeal. For example, see these customized book display units:

Screenshot 2019-05-04 15.05.53.png

Going beyond bookcases, perhaps you have a little summer house which could use some nice outdoor furniture…..

Screenshot 2019-05-04 15.26.14.png
Reseller Shop login  Password = order2006

Reseller Shop login
Password = order2006